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Steps to reproduce:

I wanted to link between test cases. On the description section, I mention what are the preconditions for every test case and write down what test case you can run to satisfy that predondition.

For example:
 If you have started your session on the Ubuntu One website, run [u1webs-9 Log out](http://moztrap.elopio.net/manage/case/9/).

Actual results:

The link works, but it's not easy to write. I have to look for the test case prefix, id, name and URL, and do it manually. Also, it will not work if I move the site to other server.

Expected results:

It would be nice to provide an easy syntax for linking between test cases. Something like [TC:9] and this will be formatted as <a href=http://moztrap.elopio.net/manage/case/9/>u1webs-9 Log out</a>.

It would be awesome if the link points to different places depending on where you are. If you are on "Manage Test Cases", it should point to the documentation of that test case. If you are running test cases, it should take you to the page to execute that test case. If you are seeing the results, it should take you to the result of that test case on the current run.
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Cameron Dawson added a comment in Pivotal Tracker:   
hey elopio,
you can actually use relative paths in markdown, too.
instead of: 
[u1webs-9 Log out](http://moztrap.elopio.net/manage/case/9/)

you could just put:
[u1webs-9 Log out](/manage/case/9/)

And that will be relative to the rest of the system.  Not everything you're asking for here.  but figured I'd mention it, to save you the domain change issue.

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6 years ago
Thanks Cameron, I didn't know about that. It's certainly better than what I was doing.
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See also the history and more-detailed discussion which led us here, at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.dev.quality/Sa75hV8Ywvk

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