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7 years ago
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7 years ago
Provide the reload button icon somewhere near the awesome bar. 

Currently I would have to do menu button and select reload. This is very annoying.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Keywords: ux-userfeedback
OS: Linux → Android
Hardware: x86 → ARM
Summary: Reload button Icon → Place the reload button on the awesome-bar
Duplicate of this bug: 748554
Yes please. Having to click multiple times is quite annoying when you're reloading often, something that happens a lot while mobile, due to dodgy connections, etc.

I'm not sure the awesomebar is the right place for this. Focusing the awesomebar would load the awesomescreen, which is not what I want to happen.

I want the currently visible content page to reload with a single touch.
We do show the reload button in the toolbar for tablets, where we have space. I'm not sure we can add it to phones, where space is more limited. We'd need to start juggling/swapping UI. Remove the favicon? Always show the refresh icon? What about the reader icon?
Drag content to reload? Undiscoverable though.

Instead of hiding stop icon after load, replace with reload? That's consistent with Firefox desktop. But results in yet smaller space for page title.

Not a lot of options. But this is why we have UX professionals, right? :)
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