rack two server minis from sfo1 in a sonnet cage in scl3 for nss/nspr, community



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mrz says he has four server minis with 250GB SSD's.  I'd like to use two for community.  This gets us a lot of advantages, particularly if we can do it quickly (e.g., before scl3 closes).

To start, we'll need:
 * a sonnet rack at scl3
 * EDID shelf + EDIDs at dcops' option
   - or just use the one on the existing 4 minis in that cabinet?
 * minis transported to scl3
 * rack-n-stack
 * crash-cart OS X onto the hosts

So immediate (and easy!) action items for the folks copied:

 * mrz: select the minis and send them on their way to *mtv1*
   - if they have asset tags, note those here; if not and you have stickers, add 'em

 * dmoore: verify sonnet rack and what you'd like to do with the EDID's

 * MaRu: install lion on the minis, set up VNC and SSH, statically configure them for their new IPs, and send them to scl3 (via derek?)

 * me: allocate IPs

OK, apparently I need to buy the minis - bug 748992.

Those will ship directly to scl3.  I'll need either dcops or an SRE onsite to configure remote access for them.
Parallels licenses in bug 748995.
Depends on: 752620
Bug 752620 is to get the minis racked and running.
..and they're installed!

I'll say it in public, mrz was right - this happened very quickly.  Thanks, everyone!
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