Problemas con Mozilla Firefox 12 y un script Ajax




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(Reporter: JOse Raul Gil, Unassigned)


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Steps to reproduce:

Problemas con Mozilla Firefox 12 y un script Ajax  

Actual results:

Hola recien acabo de actualizar mi mozilla firefox a su versión 12, mis usuarios me están reportando que les sale cada sierto tiempo el siguiente error

Un script de esta página puede estar ocupado, o puede haber dejado de responder. Puede detener el script, o puede continuar para ver si el script finaliza.


Estuve revisando mi JS y a esa línea corresponde while(ds.innerHTML.length>40000){

La función completa es esta
function writetxt(to,tx,fr){
   if (fr==null) fr=to;
   var ds=null,q=null, dst=null;
   if (to==dest || (to==me.user && dest==fr)){
   } else {
      if (to=='*') dst=_chl(_go('tbusers'),0,0);
      else { dst=_go(fr+"_");   }
      var ths=_go("_"+fr);
      if (ths!=null) { //////////////////////////////////////////
         if (_ga(ths,'user')!=dest && to!='*')
   //alert(fr+ " " +dst.tagName)
   var ms=_ce('div');

Expected results:

Esto solo me pasa con mozilla firefox en el único navegador el cual está dando error :roll: :roll: :roll: necesito de la ayuda de todos...

Ahh otra cosa con versiones anteriores esto no ocurria empezo a dar problemas ahora con la nueva actualización

Esto solo pasa en la versión 12 anteriormente no habia pasado


6 years ago

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6 years ago
Paging the Juan translation service. Can you translate this into English?

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6 years ago
Problems with Mozilla Firefox 12 and an Ajax script

Actual results:

Hello I just recently upgraded my firefox to version 12, my users are reporting that I will desert runs every time the following error

A script on this page may be busy, or may have stopped responding. You can stop the script, or you can continue to see if the script ends.

This only happens with firefox I the only browser which is giving error: roll :: roll :: roll: I need everyone's help ...

Ahh another thing did not happen earlier this began to cause problems now with the new update

This only happens in version 12 had not previously been

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6 years ago
I logged into the site with Firefox nightly on OS X and I don't see any warning dialogs.
Nothing here sounds like a security problem so I'm unhiding the bug in order to let more people look at it as a potential Firefox 12 regression.

Jose: are there any particular things people do to trigger the problem? Al tried simply logging in, but maybe you need to do something in addition?
Group: core-security

I just found your old bug from year 2012.
can you please give us more information?
- is the bug still valid?
- is it working with new Version of FF
- steps to reproduce?

thanks for your help
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Closed -> no feedback from reporter.

please feel free to reopen this report if you have new or additional information.
thank you for your help.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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