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(Reporter: Laura Forrest, Assigned: sgarrity)


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6 years ago
Please implement the copy changes made in Bug 748589, copied here in HTML form for your development speed and ease!

Since this is a copy/paste job on a product page that is using the wrong product name (we're killing Persona ID) it would be great to get this live within the next two days, or by the next release, whatever comes first. 




    <div id="text-column">
<h3>A better way to sign in</h3>
<p>At Mozilla, we believe that your online identity should belong exclusively to you. With that in mind, we created Persona to improve the way you sign in to websites.</p>
<p>Persona allows you to sign in to sites using an email address you choose. So, instead of having to manage multiple usernames and passwords across your favorite sites and devices, you’ll have more time to do the important stuff. We’ll manage the details!</p>

<h3>Own your data</h3>
<p>Many sign-in systems carry your profile data with them; some even share that info with other sites and social networks. We believe you should control how your personal information is shared. Persona lets you get started with just your email address; you can add your profile data later, when and where <em>you</em> think it’s appropriate.</p>

<h3>Easy for publishers</h3>
<p>Persona makes things easy for site owners, too. Enabling Browser ID, the underlying Persona technology, on your site only takes a few lines of code and helps build good relationships by providing users with a trusted sign-in option. It’s a win-win!</p>
Steven, can you jump on this?

Laura, the next scheduled push is 5/1. Does that timing work?
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6 years ago
(In reply to Mike Alexis [:malexis] from comment #1)
> Steven, can you jump on this?
Yup, got it.

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6 years ago
This is on dev for review: http://www-dev.allizom.org/en-US/persona/

and it's already in master and will go live with our next push (probably tomorrow).


6 years ago
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6 years ago
Hot...damn - that was FAST!

I'm loving whatever you guys are doing differently! Thanks folks.
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