After installing Firefox 12, can't install wallpaper (background display) and wierd shading on desktop and top of screen when Firefox is open - want it gone.




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Steps to reproduce:

I installed Firefox 12. 

Actual results:

The next time I turned on my computer after a shut down, the desktop was black.  I am able to change the desktop color, but no wallpaper image will install.  I select a picture, click OK, hear a muted click and nothing happens. 

After changing and saving the color I shut the computer down and the next time I  booted up, it was  black again.  Not sure if this is a consistent pattern because it is too confusing to keep doing over and over

Firefox also seems to be affectiing the desktop when it's open another way:  Once I selected the desktop color, the solid color became ripply, as if transparent.  The top of the Firefox window has the same appearance.

Installing Firefox 12 is the only thing I did prior to all these changes happening.

Expected results:

The desktop, along with other options, should not have been changed when I installed Firefox.

Having happened, I should be able to put a picture back on the desktop.

And I want to be able to remove the transparency effect, if that is what it is, from both the desktop and the top of the Firefox window.

And I want things to stop changing after a shut down.
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Firefox doesn't affect the system unless you are running it.
The only exception is the default browser setting in the OS but that doesn't affect for example the Windows background/Wallpaper.

You should read this:
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