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[meta] Post-FF12 3.6 EOL MU Push


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(Reporter: akeybl, Assigned: rail)



This bug will track the second MU push warning of the impending updates.

We'll do the first few in order and then roll out the rest as one lump sum.

Update-from versions; FF3.6.{13-28}
Update-to version: FF12.0 (unless we decide to chemspill)
Billboard URL:

More bugs to come. We'll hold on this until FF12.0 is fully unthrottled.
We'll split this out to spread the QA work a bit. John requested separate bugs:

3.6.28 - bug 750404
3.6.27 - bug 750405
3.6.26 - bug 750406
3.6.13 - bug 750408
3.6.14 to 3.6.25 - bug 750407
Depends on: 750404, 750405, 750406, 750408, 750407
Do we have a timeline for each bug?
Assignee: nobody → rail
Priority: -- → P1
Earliest for the push would be 3PM PT tomorrow, I think the first 4 will take ~20 each to verify on the release channel, and we'll spot check one or two more after that. Work may bleed into (or start) Wednesday. Total expected time to verify, <2 hours.
Rail, was the generation for these snippets on bug 747895 ? It doesn't look like we've pushed the test snippets yet.
Per akeybl's email, "We don't need to perform testing on releasetest - we'll just disable updates on the release channel if anything looks funny after pushing updates."
QA is ready to begin, starting with bug 750404.
All done here!
Closed: 9 years ago
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Product: → Release Engineering
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