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[in-app] Let us show user-friendly error messages


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Similar to bug 746660

steps to reproduce:
1. Load
2. Edit the data field for price to blank
3. Click on the call

actual behavior:
The error we show says 'RequestVerificationError' which doesn't tell the end-user a lot. Let us show something more informative and friendly instead.
One more sample:

This is on using "aud": ""

Payment Error : InvalidRequest

Payment JWT aud (audience) must be set to ''; got: u'' (app ID=u'ZNKFXKOFY3K9U73E5VHB')
These are pretty now, but we still need more descriptive messages.
Thanks Potch.  What kind of messages did you have in mind?  Generic is probably good for the end user, with substantial logging on our end.
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Keep in mind that you were running in this in -dev which has debug info turned on. This exception is intended for in-app developers to understand what they did wrong. This kind of message will not be shown in production. A user would see this in production:

I'd like to keep descriptive exception messages like this in -dev to make in-app development easier. What should be changed? It currently tells you about a syntax error in the JSON and points to where to fix it.
I didn't know we had debugging enabled on -dev. Having verbose errors in -dev is definitely useful.
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