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6 years ago
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6 years ago
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screen capture showing the empty toolbar

Just updated to SeaMonkey-2.9 + Lightning-1.4. 

I don't remember having a specific toolbar in the previous Lightning version, now there's one and I can't manage to remove it. Maybe I'm missing something, but I can remove all the icons/text by right clicking & customize, but the empty bar stubbornly stays there and leaves a useless black (LCARStrek theme) space below (see picture).

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6 years ago
In the default theme the minimum height is 19px. I presume that LCARStrek has a similar limitation. I've just tested with Thunderbird and the effect is the same. I think this is intended behaviour. I mean if the empty toolbar disappears, how are you going to add a button back on in the future. If you really don't want to see the toolbars, you can hide them with some userChrome.css or a Stylish user style.
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6 years ago
If Bug 718332 gets fixed you should be able to hide the toolbar.

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5 years ago
This is a problem with the default theme as well (not in any way to be blames on LCARStrek theme). Many modern monitors have a short wide aspect, and on a small display like a small notebook or netbook it is important to be able to minimize the vertical space used by toolbars. Thunderbird/Lightning's ability to customize toolbars would come in handy here as users move items off a toolbar and then turn the toolbar off. But there is no way to turn the toolbar off. I moved all the tools off it and now have a bunch of light blue wasted space.
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