build broken in ipc after prctl changes

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5 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: Marco Perez, Assigned: Marco Perez)


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5 years ago
Landing the patch for bug 750498 broke builds in FreeBSD (and probably OpenBSD too).
I'll attach a patch shortly.

Comment 1

5 years ago
Created attachment 621193 [details] [diff] [review]
patch to unbreak the build on FreeBSD (maybe OpenBSD too)

This patch unbreaks the bustage due to "prctl.h not found" on FreeBSD.

Landry, before asking for review  I'd like to know if the builds are
indeed broken on OpenBSD too and if this patch remedies the problem.

So yes, broken for me too. Testing you fix.
Works here. As a sidenote, maybe we can add the NetBSD/DragonflyBSD folks to the ifdefs, even if they don't seem to be here to fight for their cause ?

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5 years ago
Created attachment 621276 [details] [diff] [review]
patch v2 (supporting Free/Net/Open/DragonFly - BSD)

Sure, makes sense. DragonFly's implementation looks a lot like ours,
but NetBSD's is a bit different, so I hope I got it right.

There has been little NetBSD-related activity in Bugzilla for the last
two years. Landry, do you know any of NetBSD's Firefox maintainers?
If not I'll try to cc: tnn.
Attachment #621193 - Attachment is obsolete: true
tnn@ did a lot in the past, but it seems those days ryoon@ and martin@ take care of that.

Comment 6

5 years ago
Re: activity: nobody ever commits our patches, so we just keep accumulating more and more ;-) There is no pthread_np.h on NetBSD, the pthread_setname_np() looks correct.
I think as of now the patch will include <sys/prctl.h> on NetBSD and that's probably not intended.

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5 years ago
Comment on attachment 621276 [details] [diff] [review]
patch v2 (supporting Free/Net/Open/DragonFly - BSD)

You're right. :-)
Now let's concentrate on that "BSD super bug" and its patch over at bug 753046.
Attachment #621276 - Attachment is obsolete: true
We can still land that first.. oh well :)

Comment 10

5 years ago
We still can, but I'll need to fix it anyway. :-)
Since #753046 is not moving, can we land a quickfix now for that bug ? that'd be one less patch in my mqs..

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5 years ago
Created attachment 625254 [details] [diff] [review]
patch v3 (supporting Free/Net/Open/DragonFly - BSD)

Yes. The "BSD super bug" will require quite a bit of work.

This patch should work for the 4 BSDs without breaking other platforms.
Attachment #625254 - Flags: review?(jones.chris.g)
Comment on attachment 625254 [details] [diff] [review]
patch v3 (supporting Free/Net/Open/DragonFly - BSD)

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Thanks for the patch!
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5 years ago
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