All graphs (SVG images) on MXR broken



7 years ago
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7 years ago
All graphs (SVGs) on MXR pages (e.g. .idl files) are broken (404, pointing at I don't know whether that was the case immediately before the MXR reloaction, too, but it's certainly a (recent?) regression.

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7 years ago
The old IP is, but there's no reason to suspect it will work any better. The code has the same base URL in it (, and that's an external service.

Some pages appear to work still, such as:

On both your link in the URL field and this one, the element actually requested is a PNG... not an SVG. Your link has 2 404's, mine works. The PNGs are clickable and link to SVGs... in your link, those are also 404.

I know nothing about, except to say that it's outside of Mozilla IT's hands. We don't host it, or control the content on it. Unfortunately I really have no idea who *does*, either. To me it seems like this is a simple case of that site not having the proper (complete) content.

For lack of a better idea I'm going to move this to Webtools::MXR, where possibly someone can find the cause to this and straighten it out (or at least triage it to the right people). I'll stay on the CC list in case there turns out to be something actionable here for IT.

Also, CC'ing some people who have, in the past, edited the file that references this domain. Perhaps they have a better idea of what to do here...
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