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I suggest to merge some of Options -> Security tabs. "E-mail Scams" and "Anti-Virus" tabs have just one option. "Passwords" and "Web content" are also quite poor.

I can imagine "Junk", "E-mail Scams" and "Anti-Virus" (=dangers) to be together as one tab as well as "Passwords" and "Web content" (=saved information provided to servers).

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7 years ago
Yes, the space used (or unused) varies substantially among different tabs in the options. My guess for "E-mail Scams" getting its own tab was probably that it was supposed to get further features (see bug 654502 dependencies) which may need UI space, but that never happened thus far. The "Web content" tab has just received another checkbox for the "do not track" feature (bug 750794). So, unless there are plans to further fill them up, combining the tabs as suggested to reduce the empty space and number of tabs should make sense, the options should be grouped with respect to the former tab structure though to emphasize the different components.
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7 years ago
Dupe of bug 505530?

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7 years ago
As I understand it, that bug was initially combining them all in one tab, thus getting rid of the tabs altogether. But, other than that they are similar and the other bug has stalled.

There is also the question what qualifies as "Security" for that matter, given that other aspects like privacy are merged into it. For example, the cookie section in the "Web Content" tab could equally go into the Display tab and combined with further options like search-engine selection, as proposed in bug 753617.

Comment 4

5 years ago
I like this proposal better.
Also, the data has changed since the bug was filed. There is no "web content" today and the Cookies are on a separate Privacy panel.
Many panels have tabs already so keeping 2 tabs here should be fine.
maybe we could cram all the options into single tab today, but if we add some new option in the future we would have to split it again into tabs.
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See Also: → 505530, 482617
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