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mobile/android/base/ $(shell cat) deps


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Data loading 'shell cat' commands in this makefile can be optimized.  Another patch has wrapped these calls in a conditional so they will only impose overhead once when a lib* target is being processed.


  o If the *.mn files are only used for makefile dependencies contents can be re-ordered to one file per line removing the need for calling the 'tr' command.

  o Replace shell overhead with a makefile include.  Add make targets to derive *.mk from *.mn data, possibly defining SYNC variables as needed.  Add deps to regenerate individual makefiles when *.mn changes.  A simple include of the data makefile should be enough to force regeneration.

SYNC_JAVA_FILES=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
SYNC_PP_JAVA_FILES=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
SYNC_THIRDPARTY_JAVA_FILES=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
SYNC_RES_DRAWABLE=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
SYNC_RES_DRAWABLE_LDPI=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
SYNC_RES_DRAWABLE_MDPI=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
SYNC_RES_DRAWABLE_HDPI=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
SYNC_RES_LAYOUT=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
SYNC_RES_VALUES=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mobile/android/sync/ | tr '\n' ' ';)
I'm not really sure if these files are used for anything else, CCing rnewman who is apparently the author of the script that creates them:

If they only exist for the sake of the Fennec build, then we should be able to just generate Makefiles instead. Perhaps something like:

Then we could include that directly.
We actually want to switch to using the file input to javac, rather than filenames-as-arguments, so we will still want some kind of manifest file for some of these. (That's Bug 736463.)

At that point the source files will be file-per-line.

I'd be very happy to take patches for these post-release; Fennec's and Sync's build system are a little bit rushed, to say the least.

I'm not wedded to a particular approach; I just suck at Make, and needed a solution quickly that wouldn't involve editing Fennec's Makefile every time we add a Sync source file.

These manifests are only used for Fennec's build.
I've created a pull requeset, which creates the manifests with one file per line
Attached patch remove the tr call (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch corresponds to my pull request in github.  This removes the call to tr from the mozilla build system.  I'll put together a patch that generates a makefile as well as the manifests.
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remove the tr call

Review of attachment 622419 [details] [diff] [review]:

If everything still works, r=me.
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This doesn't have the sample makefile generated, but I'll include that.
This is a sample makefile generated by my android-sync changes that I'm about to add to my pull request on github
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alternate approach where the android-sync build system generates the makfile and we include it

this works, and

This does depend on to work.  I did my own sync code drop for the try run.
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