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"Text Size" dialog name and summary text is unintuitive




Firefox for Android
5 years ago
a year ago


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5 years ago

1. Load a page.
2. Change text size to Extra Large in Settings.
3. Load a new page.


The same text size is used after embiggening the text size.
This is because the 'Text-Size' preference is not actually proper text-scaling (like in Chrome, and Stock); see bug 746966.
Whiteboard: [readability]
Ian, this is some confusion based on the labeling of our settings. Any thoughts?
Assignee: nobody → ibarlow
Whiteboard: [readability]
Duplicate of this bug: 772535
This depends on bug 715179 as it will be changing the UI of the font inflation dialog.

Initial from duplicate bug 772535:

The dialog is actually inflating text rather than setting a universal text size and this is not clear from the language used. From bug 715179:

However, I just realized that this preference doesn't explain that it's inflating font, but rather implies that it's setting a universal text size (since the title is "Text Size" and the summary text is "Tiny", "Small", etc.). While I think a user would end up at the same outcome if it were explained as inflation (if they're trying to make the text larger, they're going to select a size that looks good for them without caring that it's inflation rather than a universal text size), it's a little misleading. For example, the idea that text inflation is turned off when "Text Size" is set to "Tiny" doesn't really feel right. I think the stock browser has a more intuitive representation of this.

I agree that a better name would be good, though I'm not sure of a name that is both more accurate and easily understandable.  Maybe "Text Zoom"?

We should also change the "Tiny" string to something "Original size" or "No zoom".
Depends on: 715179
Note this is related to the title, "Text Size", as well as the summary text, "Tiny", "Small", etc.
OS: All → Android
Hardware: All → ARM
Summary: Changing text size setting does not affect text size → "Text Size" dialog name and summary text is unintuitive
The original summary text focused on a different issue – changing the text size has no effect. It does but the page needs to reflow first, forcing the user to reload the page. This should not be required – see bug 772541.
See Also: → bug 772541
It should also be noted that font inflation only happens on desktop versions of sites... I wonder if this is a bug? I would think a user who thinks the font size on a mobile site is too small would still want the font inflation to happen even on mobile sites.
(In reply to Michael Comella (:mcomella) from comment #7)
> It should also be noted that font inflation only happens on desktop versions
> of sites... I wonder if this is a bug?

This is intentional (bug 706198).  Modifying a page's text layout is something we have to do by default to make desktop sites readable on small screens, but it's kind of a necessary evil.  For pages designed for small screens we feel that we can leave the text size alone, at least by default.  We might still want to provide a separate mechanism (maybe an add-on) that provides more user control over font size.


4 years ago
Assignee: ibarlow → nobody
Users still don't know about that this affects only certain formatted 'desktop' pages. They think that our font-size settings are broken.
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