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Allow Adobe to upload Flash symbols directly to the symbol server


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Currently we have a very manual process for getting Flash plugin symbols on the symbol server. Adobe provides the symbols on an FTP server, and we manually download the symbols, run dump_syms, and upload them to the symbol server.

We should let Adobe upload directly to the symbol server instead. Filing this under Socorro because I don't have a better idea for a component.
I'm going to put this in Sal's hands for now. Sal, the symbol upload shouldn't be too complicated, there are just a few things you'll need to do:

1) Run dump_syms.exe on the Windows .pdb symbols. You can build a copy of this tool from the Breakpad source under src/tools/windows/dump_syms. This is what you're already doing for Mac symbols.

2) The symbol files need to be put in the correct directory structure. We have a Python script that we use to wrap the dump_syms process:
You can use that or just do something similar. The basic premise is that the first line of the dump_syms output will look like:
MODULE windows x86 0F6BC0317CD443A697D9898A106FE9232 NPSWF32.pdb
and so the symbol file needs to be located in a subdirectory like:

3) Upload the symbols to the symbol server. With the public key you uploaded in bug 753470 you should be able to ssh to . You should upload symbols to, preserving the directory structure you created above.
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This has been in use for a while now.
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