What does releng need to go from vanilla OS to usable OS [Windows]



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7 years ago
If we were to deploy a Vanilla version of Windows what steps would need to be taken to make it a usable OS for building/testing. We're gathering requirements to determine how to deploy the best configuration management system for windows.

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7 years ago
We need to know this for each platform currently in use and potentially to be in use soon.
We have these platforms:

The most accurate one is the Win64 one since it got done more recently.
The Win7 and WinXP might have a lot of holes.
Win32 has had a lot of incremental changes over the last 4-5 years.
Win32 is most likely going to disappear in favor of the Win64 machines.

Do you have more specific questions?
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Component: Server Operations: RelEng → Release Engineering: Machine Management
QA Contact: arich → armenzg

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7 years ago
can you tell us exactly what you have changed and what is being modified
as well as what tasks will need to performed like upgrading packages and such. The more precise the information the easier it will be for me to build an environment that will be easier to manage and maintain.
Component: Release Engineering: Machine Management → Server Operations: RelEng
Things currently solved by OPSI (for w2k3/wXP)
* Install an Application
** MSI, EXE, ZIP Formats -- sometimes currently managed by AutoIt binary (for handling dialogs for an installer)
* Some windows updates
* Place bare files necessary for our automation.
* Change/Set registry keys

Things we have done historically, manually
* Install [some] software (or upgrade it)
** e.g. mozillaBuild, AutoIt itself, Python, newer buildbot..
* Install/place stuff into restricted filepaths (C:\)
* Group Policy settings (Like what users can RDP into a machine)
* Some additional registry keys
* Adding ssh keys/known_host updates
* Install CA Root Keys
** e.g. for https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReferencePlatforms/Test/Win7#Mozilla_maintenance_service.2C_associated_registry_keys.2C_Mozilla_test_CA_root

[my percieved] Ideal Future things:
* Change user account passwords remotely, easily
* Be able to install via whatever native windows method any random installer does by default (including rebooting required)
** exe/msi/zip/etc
** The less hoops we have to jump through to install things, the better.
* Be able to place/install files to any location on the drive, as a particular user/group.

.... Ben, armen, dustin, did I miss anything as far as you are aware?
That was quite good :) Nothing to add.
Assignee: nobody → mlarrain
I believe matt and armen are actively working on this for the new w64 and w8 images.
I will get win8 instructions for Matt next week.
I will meet with him and someone else from releng to make sure that while I'm away he has all he needs for win8 work.

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7 years ago
armen says we can use default directories if needed for quiet/silent installs, which should make our lives much easier for getting the windows SDK installed.

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7 years ago
So I got everything to be automated so far except for VS2010 so we are at a huge plus now :) Once I get VS installed I will be on the back end of getting the w64 image done and starting on Win8. A good portion of these steps will be easily ported over to the win8 environment as well so the image being built wont take long at all.

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7 years ago
Finally got a working image with VS2010 but application isn't showing as being installed so figuring out what is going on with that. But we are closer to having this working.
What's left to do here?  Have we answered the initial question ("What does releng need..")?
Sounds like there's nothing left here.
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