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[tracking bug] Tracking bug for Win64/metro releng infra changes


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Alias: win8-releng
Depends on: 737975, 754008
Depends on: 755772
Depends on: 761321
For the record we have metro enabled builds (with a bit of latency) being triggered on

Next steps are to switch to VS2012 release candidate.
Depends on: 764039
Depends on: 764120
Depends on: 767477
Depends on: 769650
Depends on: 770896
Depends on: 770941
Depends on: 771291
Depends on: 770953
Depends on: 772989
Depends on: 773504
Summary: [tracking bug] Win8 tracking bug for releng infra changes → [tracking bug] metrofx tracking bug for releng infra changes
Maybe that's not the correct bug title, is this specific to experimental metrofx releng work, or is this also tracking work on getting win8 testing machines for desktop tests configured and set up?
Guess this is for both. Sorry for the mixup.
Summary: [tracking bug] metrofx tracking bug for releng infra changes → [tracking bug] Win8 tracking bug for releng infra changes
Depends on: metro-testing
Depends on: 779902
Depends on: 780008
Depends on: 780017
Depends on: 780025
I'm going to summarize what is the state of affairs.

On staging I have the iX node with the win8 RC slave connected to my dev-master: ( Standard credentials.

Right now the slave is down. I've asked MaRu to look into it. I can't find it on the inventory or the management interfaces.
I filed bug 780008 for it.

This slave was setup with the steps in here:
The slave in slavealloc and can take jobs on buildbot.

The unit tests run with lots of oranges.

Only VNC, SSH and boot into desktop steps were missing. Maybe some more I might have missed but not that I'm aware of.

To trigger unit tests we can use this sendchange:
buildbot sendchange --master --username sendchange-unittest --branch elm-win32-metro-opt-unittest --revision default

I have to file a bug for the a-team to give me a sign off of the current multi iX node running properly.

I have to file a bug for MaRu to automate the steps that I have already verified for the win8 slaves.

There are another 3 slaves with graphic cards. Their IPs are:
Their iLO interfaces are:


On another note, the VS2012 *RC* installation messes up the installation to create win32 and win64 builds.
This is tracked in bug 772989.
jimm says that some file needs to be copied over and it should work. This needs to be verified.

I'm afraid I might have messed those slaves with all my fiddling.

This can be noticed by triggering jobs in here (fails):
and in here (passes):
Priority: -- → P4
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Comment on attachment 677362 [details] [diff] [review]
add win8 to buildbotcustom

Review of attachment 677362 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: process/
@@ +5322,5 @@
>          '''
>          if (platform in ("fedora", "fedora64", "leopard", "snowleopard", "lion", "mountainlion")):
>              return "/tools/buildbot/bin/python"
> +        elif (platform in ('win8',)):
> +            return "C:\\mozilla-build\\python\\python.exe"

Are we relying on a specific version of python here? Might warrant a comment if so.
Attachment #677362 - Flags: review?(coop) → review+
No longer depends on: 737975
Depends on: elm-merge
No longer depends on: 780025
Removing mentioning of Win8 since the focus is to make the win2008 x64 machines being capable of producing metro builds that could run on Windows8/metro.

That part of the work is done.
Alias: win8-releng → metro-releng
Summary: [tracking bug] Win8 tracking bug for releng infra changes → [tracking bug] Tracking bug for Win64/metro releng infra changes
Reversing dependencies to adjust to reality.
No longer depends on: metro-testing, elm-merge
bug 815680 is to reverse having a subset of slaves for Elm since the whole pool is as of few weeks the same as such subset.
Depends on: 815680
* done main work from releng side
* waiting for devs to switch over as part of next train merge
* bug 815680 - patches ready for disabling custom builders for Elm branch
Depends on: 819356
Assignee: armenzg → nobody
No longer depends on: win8-testing
Build side we're done.

For testing infra go and look at bug 731280.
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Release Engineering
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