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6 years ago
Going to a youtube.com video (any of them, as best I can tell), Firefox tells me that "Additional plugins are necessary...." with a button [Install missing plugins].  I click the latter.  It cannot find a "suitable plugin".  It gives me a URL to click on to "Find out more about plugins or manually install missing plugins".  I click on this:


The page tells me: "We're sorry, but we can't find what you're looking for."

I expect flash on linux to be a nightmare but we can at least fix the webpage we direct people to.
Component: General → Plugin Finder Service
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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Bug 836415 has now removed the Plugin Finder Service (PFS) from Firefox. As a result, I'm closing all the remaining PFS bugs.

If you're getting this bugmail for an ancient PFS bug, the basic summary of the world today is:

* NPAPI plugins are a dying technology
* PFS was already restricted to assisting with only the 4 most common plugins
* Sites commonly provide their own UI for install a required plugin
* Mozilla is generally focusing on  improving the web platform so that proprietary plugins are not required.

(Note that "plugins" are a completely separate from "browser extensions", such at those found on addons.mozilla.org. The latter are not going anywhere, and are not impacted by the removal of PFS.)
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3 years ago
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