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Do something about having let the Pine twig be booked while it's disabled for MAX_BROKER_REFS shortage


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Oopsie. Last time we were desperate to get some headroom under MAX_BROKER_REFS, we commented Pine out of configs, which was fine except for the way we apparently didn't think to mark it as booked, so now anant is wonder why, after he followed all the instructions to book the twig and get the repo reset, he isn't getting any builds or tests run.

My (outside watcher, not employee, not insider) feeling is that we're still desperately short, and that if we had enough room which we don't Alder is first in line, because it has been wanting tests turned on and been unable to get them for a while now, so the only open course of action is to quickly grab another twig before the open ones get booked. You can see (once bitten, twice shy) from that only Pine is commented out, but personally unless I was going to be doing mobile nightly update testing I'd take Larch rather than Maple, which still hasn't been uncustomized from when it was the Android native trunk.
Larch and Maple are both free, would it be possible to book one of those two on behalf of Build, disable it, and enable Pine instead? That would save us a tree migration, which I would really appreciate.

Thanks for the info!
I've grabbed Larch on the booking page. Patch coming up.
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[buildbot-configs] Disable larch, enable pine

Anant, this will go live the next time the builduty person deploys changes to the buildbot masters.
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Thanks guys, that's great!
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