Clicking on links when on the YouTube site does not add new pages to the stack



Native iOS Wrapper
6 years ago
3 years ago


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I noticed this when researching tripods -- I did a search for "Really Right Stuff Tripods" and clicked on a youtube result.  That first YouTube page got added to the stack, but navigating around YouTube itself didn't add anymore pages to the stack.

I verified this behaviour by going to YouTube from Reddit -- the first YouTube page was added to the stack, but no other pages were added from YouTube while I viewed other videos on the site.
Assignee: nobody → gbrander
Assignee: gbrander → nobody
Component: Front-end → Native iOS Wrapper
QA Contact: frontend → ioswrapper
12:08:09    st3fan | i honestly don't know if we can do this easily
12:11:31    st3fan | the mobile youtube site is a single page site
12:11:37    st3fan | so we don't get any events
12:11:54    st3fan | unless we start injecting code in the page
12:12:48    st3fan | even then, the title of the page does not change :-( .. i've tested in safari and they do record the history but
                   | all items have the same YouTube title
12:13:07    st3fan | if this is important enough then i guess we can do a youtube specific hack
12:14:39    st3fan | we could patch their code and change clicks on youtube links to full reloads of the page
Depends on: 759352
Target Milestone: M3 → ---
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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