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Fx 8.0.1 euballot not auto updating




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5 years ago
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5 years ago
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About panel

I noticed my father's copy of Firefox looked a little dated and checked the About panel. Turns out it was a version from the EU Browser Ballot and was stuck on 8.0.1.

After this manual intervention, Firefox did successfully update to 12.0 (euballot). I'm still baffled about why it wasn't auto updating though; it's set to allow auto updating in Options > Advanced > Update. Could there be others in the same situation who aren't aware that they're stuck on an old build?

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5 years ago
I checked yesterday and his copy of Firefox was once again stuck on an old version. It was on Fx 12 when 13 has been available for weeks.

Does anyone have an idea whether this is just an anomaly or might others be affected?
Did you update to 13 already ? If not I'd be interested in you loading up about:config and getting the value of the app.update.lastUpdateTime.background-update-timer pref.

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5 years ago
Unfortunately I was using the About dialogue to check the version, which triggers a successful update. I'll have to recheck it at the next train. At the moment it's at 1340539329 (Jun 24 12:02:09 2012), which seems to correlate.
Ok. You could also wait a few days and look again - assuming the browser is open for a few minutes each day it should be checking for updates.
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