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Administrators should be able to customize editor toolbars


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Sheppy: Did you mean that administrators should be able to edit toolbars on a per-user basis, or did you mean that they should be able to edit toolbars globally?
Admins should be able to edit the default toolbar (or, since we'll likely launch without user-customizable toolbars, the toolbar everyone sees).
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Component: Website → Landing pages
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With respect, I feel our efforts would be better spent elsewhere.

Specifying, prioritizing, designing, coding, testing, reviewing, documenting, and updating---in other words, adopting---a feature that will be used by so few people, for what appears to be a minor benefit, seems like a poor use of our resources given the more pressing things we could be working on.
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
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The idea here was to let us tweak the toolbar to implement stuff we need without waiting on the devs to do it. There are probably a dozen toolbar improvements pending in Bugzilla, many of which have been waiting for over a year. The hope was that by hooking up the ability to edit the CKEditor toolbar configuration file, we'd be able to get that work done without relying on the devs.

That said, I can accept closing this, since it's unlikely it will be fixed either.
Whiteboard: [pm-wanted][triaged] → [pm-wanted][triaged][type:feature]
A thread sent to the administrator mailing list explained how to modify the default toolbar (with bugs or PRs that suggest modifications to the default config[0]) and how to experiment with changes (by editing the editortoolbar element in the admin interface in STAGING ONLY). Admins, please look in your email archives for this email. 

Suggest WONTFIXING this bug for reasons cited above and because the need can be met by taking these steps.

Closed: 9 years ago
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