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Fix various l10n repack paths to work with Thunderbird


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Various paths need to be fixed up so l10n repacks work with Thunderbird.
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Some urgency on this patch as it's blocking Thunderbird 13.0b2 repacks.
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(In reply to John Hopkins (:jhopkins) from comment #2)
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> tools patch
> Some urgency on this patch as it's blocking Thunderbird 13.0b2 repacks.

I started Firefox win32 and linux64 builds in staging to make sure the patch doesn't break anything.

BTW, this patch shouldn't block you, since you don't sign Thunderbird binaries as a part of build process. L10N repacks shouldn't create partial MAR files using unsigned binaries, because they are useless and will be overwritten by the updates builder. If for some reason your automation tries to create partial MARs, you should review your configs and disable this step by setting releaseConfig['enablePartialMarsAtBuildTime'] = False.
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tools patch

It failed for Firefox repacks:

command: START
command: perl /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/mozilla-beta/obj-l10n/dist/../../../tools/update-packaging/ ../../../../
command: cwd: /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/mozilla-beta/obj-l10n/dist/previous
command: env: {'MAR': '/builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/mozilla-beta/obj-l10n/dist/host/bin/mar', 'MOZ_MAKE_COMPLETE_MAR': '1', 'UPLOAD_USER': 'ffxbld', 'MBSDIFF': '/builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/mozilla-beta/obj-l10n/dist/host/bin/mbsdiff', 'MOZ_OBJDIR': 'obj-l10n', 'LOCALE_MERGEDIR': '/builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/mozilla-beta/obj-l10n/browser/locales/merged', 'UPLOAD_SSH_KEY': '~/.ssh/ffxbld_dsa', 'ZIP_IN': '/builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/firefox.tar.bz2', 'MOZ_SIGN_CMD': '/tools/python-2.6.5/bin/python /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/scripts/release/signing/ --cachedir /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/signing_cache -t /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/token -n /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/nonce -c /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/scripts/release/signing/host.cert -H -H', 'UPLOAD_HOST': '', 'POST_UPLOAD_CMD': ' -p firefox -n 1 -v 13.0b4 --release-to-candidates-dir --signed', 'AB_CD': 'af', 'MOZ_PKG_VERSION': '13.0b4', 'UPLOAD_TO_TEMP': '1', 'MOZ_PKG_PRETTYNAMES': '1'}
command: output:
Can't open perl script "/builds/slave/rel-m-beta-lnx64-rpk-1/mozilla-beta/obj-l10n/dist/../../../tools/update-packaging/": No such file or directory
command: END (0.00s elapsed)
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Let's revisit this when we enable signing in bug 730328.  It shouldn't be hard to fine-tune the patch to get around the issues above.
Blocks: 730328
No longer blocks: 744601
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No longer blocks: 730328
Blocks: 730328
Fixed bug (bug 730328)
Closed: 8 years ago
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Product: → Release Engineering
Component: General Automation → General
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