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See image in the url field.  It visibly loads slowly, even after we should have it cached.  I don't understand why.

See for the original thread about this.
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The image in question
Interesting...  Same behavior in chrome on my Linux box.

Loading off bugzilla's servers is better, but I still see a flash as it loads, and I still see a full network request, in Firefox and Chrome.

  data:text/html,<img src="">

Doesn't look like anything is being cached, with either URL, in either browser.  I'd think that caching was being disabled in the HTTP headers, but is sending back basically zero headers, so that shouldn't disable our cache.
It's not just that.

If you look at the original context for this discussion, there is a copy of this image loaded into one <img> tag and then another <img> tag with the same URI is created.  That should just hit the imagelib cache, I'd think.  And in that situation Chrome's behavior _is_ apparently different.
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