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[calendar] Install Visual C++ 2010 on cal-vm-win32-tbox build slave


(Calendar :: Build Config, defect)

Windows Server 2003
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Please install Visual C++ 2010 on cal-vm-win32-tbox build slave.

Thunderbird switched comm-central builds to Visual C++ 2010 and now the Lightning builds don't work anymore (Bug 753456). Switching Lightning win32 builds to Visual C++ 2010 hopefully fixes the problem.
Release Engineering does not take care of Calendar machines.

Anyone know to which component should this be moved to?
It will probably end up being my task, but I'll need access to the vs2010 install to do so, and maybe some wiki page or other with things to watch out for. Could you provide me with either?
Assignee: nobody → server-ops-releng
Component: Release Engineering: Machine Management → Server Operations: RelEng
QA Contact: armenzg → arich
Assignee: server-ops-releng → nobody
Component: Server Operations: RelEng → General
Product: → Calendar
QA Contact: arich → general
Target Milestone: --- → Sunbird 0.3
Version: other → unspecified
I've found a location that has the vs2010 install files, now I just need to get it from MV to the buildslave.
Component: General → Build Config
OS: Windows 7 → Windows Server 2003
QA Contact: general → build
Target Milestone: Sunbird 0.3 → ---
I've managed to copy the install files to E:\vs2010, now looking to see if IT can create a snapshot of the VM in case I break something. Not sure if I am being too paranoid here.
I (think I) can take a snapshot of this.
Assignee: nobody → dustin
Snapshot taken.  Please let me know when I can delete it or, if things go badly, revert to it.
Thanks Dustin!

Unfortunately, it seems the disk sizes for this VM have been held a bit short.

Volume   Disk Size   Available   Required   Remaining
C:\      9.8  GB     2.9 GB      5.7 GB     -2.3 GB
D:\      20.0 GB     15.5 GB     1.7 GB     13.8 GB
E:\      30.0 GB     10.6 GB     0 bytes    10.6 GB

Now whats the best way to proceed? Change disk size in the VM and use ntfsresize to stretch the C: partition? Mangle it all and set up a new VM with the latest reference platform?

There is no "latest ref platform" for win 2k3 VM's sadly, as in nothing with MSVC2010 installed on.

I'm planning to (this weekend) create something that NSS can use with MSVC2010 installed, (using cltbld user), if you want as well I can stagger stuff so IT creates images, in this order

(1) cltbld without buildbot starting but with other necessary software that we use, for NSS.
(2) cltbld with buildbot start setup/defined, for you [including newer buildbot ver]. (along with "I think" other necessary changes)
(3) seabld instead of cltbld for myself, and have IT snapshot that

The new VM has 20GB C:\ which I *suspect[ed]* is enough to install MSVC2010 properly. Unfortunately Firefox/MoCo decided not to bother trying to bring forward the old w2k3 VM's they had/use for themselves given the C:\ issue, and uncertainty as to how well C:\ can directly expand on these VMs of ours.

If that works for you, I'll plan it in that order, and setup proper bug deps. Otherwise, I think your best bet would be to get C:\ expanded and try just installing MSVC2010.

(The last option might be longer for IT, but faster-to-known-good for you; while the first option set will take a few working-days for IT to do (given the seperate images needed) and be in an untested-state.)
As discussed via IRC we have agreed its a good option to do this as Callek mentioned. Dustin, since I can't install vs2010 on the buildslave anyway, feel free to delete the snapshot.
It's gone.

Callek, that sounds like a good plan - thanks!
Hope this helps since the last windows build for lightning (calendar) was on May10th.
Will be fixed by bug 760963, hopefully.
Depends on: 760963
Blocks: 756116
No longer blocks: 756116
Fixed by replacing the VM with a new one.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Assignee: dustin → philipp
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