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Coping with abandoned apps



7 years ago
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Mac OS X




7 years ago
An app can be removed from the developers site and they might not remove it from the marketplace. We'll still happily be selling or asking people to install it and it will fail.

We can rely on people reporting failed manifests but we might be able to figure this out for them.

The manifest update cron job will find failed manifests.

May 23 01:10:40 [][] z.task:INFO Failed to get manifest for: 364921 : ....
Exception: responded with 404 (Not Found).

Automatically removing it wouldn't be nice if there's a temporary network hiccup, but if it keeps failing, we should do something.
I'd say add get_failure_date and get_failure_count.  If count gets above 30 put it in the review queue (that gives them a little over a day to get their server back up, we can adjust as necessary).  If there is a success it resets both new columns.  Continuing failures only increments the count, not the date, so you can see when it started.

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6 years ago
I'm planning on taking this along with bugs 769693 and 763053. However, comment #1 here conflicts with Andrew's comment ( saying to push it to the queue and the reviewer can test it... odds being it shouldn't 404 for the reviewer if it was a hiccup. For simplicity I'll run with that unless otherwise directed. If there's too many false positives for reviewers we could tweak later.


6 years ago
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