Chat UI not correctly hidden on existing profiles

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 15.0


7 years ago
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(Reporter: florian, Assigned: florian)


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7 years ago
I had a report on IRC that on Tb13b2 with an existing profile the "Tools -> Chat Status" and "Go -> Chat" menu items weren't hidden.

There was this error in the error console:

Error: document.getElementById(aId) is null
Line 683
File: chat-messenger-overlay.js

The same problem didn't happen with a fresh profile.

I suspect for some reason the Chat button wasn't present in the toolbar. A trivial fix seems to just add a null check before attempting to hide an element.


7 years ago
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I'm the one that hit this. If I can do anything to assist debugging, just let me know -- I can even package up my profile if that's helpful.
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7 years ago
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Trivial fix (just adding a null check).

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This bug is currently quite visible on beta where the Chat feature is pref'ed off, so we need this fix on aurora and beta.

Steps to reproduce on current trunk:
- with Chat enabled (the default on trunk), customize the main toolbar and remove the "Chat" button.
- disable chat (set to false)
- restart
- notice the "document.getElementById(aId) is null" error in the error console, and the "Go -> Chat" and "Tools -> Chat status" aren't hidden.
Assignee: nobody → florian
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7 years ago
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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