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Remove MindTouch dependencies entirely


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Once bug 757940 is closed, we should be able to turn off anything that integrates with MindTouch. 

But, the code will still be around. So, once we've shut down the last MindTouch server for good, we should comb through and remove all integration points entirely.
* apps/dekicompat - Remove the entire module, see what breaks
* apps/devmo/ - Remove UserDocsActivityFeed code, superseded by Kuma models
* apps/devmo/ - Remove devmo_url() helper, see what breaks
* apps/docs/ - Remove feed code, see bug 759361 and bug 759368
* apps/devmo/ - wants to POST to the MindTouch API
Version: Kuma → unspecified
Component: Docs Platform → Editing
No longer blocks: 756266
Component: Editing → General
I'm seeing this in the save method:

if 'skip_mindtouch_put' in kwargs:
   del kwargs['skip_mindtouch_put']

Do we know if we can quickly whack this?
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(In reply to David Walsh :davidwalsh from comment #3)
> I'm seeing this in the save method:
> if 'skip_mindtouch_put' in kwargs:
>    del kwargs['skip_mindtouch_put']
> Do we know if we can quickly whack this?

Hmm, I can't find what you're referring to... Got a link to it in github?
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Yeah, I think this can get taken out. Probably fine, assuming tests all pass. This might be a leftover from the migration way back when
The line referenced in comment 5 is no longer there. It doesn't appear to be anywhere[0].

Is this bug still outstanding?

There are some remaining MindTouch pieces:

Some remaining actions:

* Determine if the MindTouch table sort CKEditor plugin [1] still in use, remove if unused
* Update pages with MindTouch-style attachment URLs to new attachment URLs. For example, the :hover page [2] has an old link [3] that redirects to the new link [4].
* Remove the attachment view [5] once old-style attachment URLs have been converted for at least 30 days, to let Google catch up.
* Remove mindtouch IDs from the database [6]
* Update legacy MindTouch links to new link locations. For example, the page User:Diablownik has a link to a tag page [8] that redirects to the new page [9] (this is a poor example, but is the first of many I found).
* Remove the MindTouch redirect view [10] once old-style URLs have been converted for at least 30 days.
* Evaluate other MindTouch instances in the content.

All of this is doable. It could be a manual effort (generate spreadsheet with actions), and some could be done with automation.

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