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I have several trees that all pull from a local clone that I pull from, however I accidentally ran without pulling my local clones first. Imagine my surprise when proceeded to pull my mozilla folder anyway from, leaving me with a failed build.
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This fixed things locally for me. I don't know why bug 688856 changed that code in the first place, but it seems wrong, so this patch backs that out.
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My only concern is how this interacts with hg shared stuff - if they correctly set the repo to clone from when using when using Probably needs a quick test.
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Possible patch

So as I feared I just tried this locally and it would break the current use of hg share that we're using on the tinderboxes.

I think I have a possible alternative that I can propose.
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I think this will fix it. If we've got a mozilla directory, but haven't specified the repo on the command line, then we'll fall back to using the value in .hg/hgrc.

This should work even for hg share as it stores the http://hg... repo in the mozilla/.hg/hgrc file.
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Alternative fix

Happier if gozer reviews, as I haven't tested with hg share/hgtool myself yet.

But I'm leaving a request open on me, incase gozer takes longer and I find a free moment sooner.
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So that I can run from another working directory again.
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Improve error messages, add topsrcdir

Looks good.
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Improve error messages, add topsrcdir

Pushed comm-central changeset a4dcfae6ddad.
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