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Disable talos on the profiling branch


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Since the profiling branch does not have anything landed on it directly, I was wondering whether we could save some machine time by not running talos on it? (And maybe even turning off some of the other tests too)

Ehsan, would you be ok with that? If you wanted to make sure the browser at least started up ok, we could just one non-talos suite or something and leave everything else off? 

It's just that this bug + bug 758965 + the fact that many people still insist on using mozilla-central rather than inbound, means that profiling is using quite a bit of extra machine time, which is not helping things like :-)
We can turn off talos tests there.  We can't turn off the correctness tests since the profiling builds may actually be broken, as we might have code which depends on MOZ_PROFILING.
Summary: Consider disabling talos and maybe some other tests on the profiling branch → Disable talos on the profiling branch
And we should probably come up with ways of discouraging people to land on m-c for no good reason.  ;-)
(In reply to Ehsan Akhgari [:ehsan] from comment #2)
> And we should probably come up with ways of discouraging people to land on
> m-c for no good reason.  ;-)

Indeed, I've tried, but some will persist.
I almost think that a permanent approval required for mozilla-central (with a={bustage|merge|something-urgent-etc}) might be the way forwards.
Old habits die hard.  Maybe you can keep on pinging people asking "why did you push directly to m-c" until they get sick and tired of you asking them, and move to inbound?  :-)
"hi Ehsan told me to ask you why you are pushing to inbound...." ;-)
bah, s/inbound/mozilla-central/
(In reply to Ed Morley [:edmorley] from comment #5)
> "hi Ehsan told me to ask you why you are pushing to inbound...." ;-)

r=me with the nit in comment 6.  ;-)
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Patch v1

Changing it to False does the trick.
If you ever need to verify a change you can do this:
 cd repos/buildbot-configs/
 ./ master bm04-tests1-macosx
 cd master
 buildbot start .
 # load localhost:8201
 # if you need to test another change
 buildbot reconfig .
 # load localhost:8201

There is also this set of instructions that would install dependencies in case buildbot and twisted were not installed on your machine:
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Thanks for the patch!
Ah, I'd seen the (presumably redundant) |'enable_talos': True,| of build-system and thought the default was false (but judging by the others in the file, I guess it defaults to true).
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Patch v2

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Sweet :)
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Would you like me to land this for you?
Thanks for the offer, thought I'd save you the hassle as I had it in my queue already :-)
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Thanks Ed!
We leave the bug open until the change gets merged to production.
At that moment we know that the masters have the change live and we can official it close it.
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Ah yes, my bad. Habbit! :-)
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This went went into production today.
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