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6 years ago
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6 years ago
Hi! Jenzed would like a blog created to replace one lost due to shutdown of the old mozilla messaging servers.

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6 years ago
CCing jenzed so she can add what URL she wants.

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6 years ago, please. 

Also see - my old blog content needs to be transferred with redirects.
See Also: → bug 742588
I think this needs to be in operations to get anywhere.
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Summary: Create a blog for Jennifer Zickerman (Thunderbird Documentation) → Create a blog for Jennifer Zickerman (Thunderbird Documentation) on
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gozer: have you got the db dump promised in bug 742588 comment 3?
This needs PR approval too, IIRC.
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(In reply to Shyam Mani [:fox2mike] from comment #5)
> This needs PR approval too, IIRC.

Correct, I see you cc'd Valerie and I've added Leslie as well

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6 years ago
Hi Jennifer,

is there any way you could perhaps contribute to the existing Thunderbird blog ( Perhaps already talked to JB to see if we can set up a sub-category for documentation or anything similar?

We have been working on creating blog guidelines for all Mozilla blogs (currently in draft here: and also tried to streamline or blogs (less blogs with more content rather than more blogs that are hard to find and have less content).

If you would like to blog about various aspects of your work (and also more personal stuff), I would recommend you grab yourself a personal blog on WordPress or any other platform which can then be aggregated to Planet Mozilla.

As I'm not familiar with your old blog, it would be great if you could give some more details on the content you are looking to post and the audience you are writing for, so we can figure out where to post. Also copying Mike Alexis from the websites team.

Many thanks,

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Closing this out.  Feel free to reopen if it is determined that a new blog is needed.
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6 years ago
Hi Valerie. I'd be happy to use the existing Thunderbird blog, but I need access to my old content to transfer it. I totally support the effort to streamline the Mozilla blogs. 

Regarding content, my old blag was strictly about documenting Thunderbird, including external community efforts around Thunderbird, calls-for-action to help with the Knowledge Base, MDN tricks-and-tips (templates, etc). No personal stuff.

Regarding the recent changes regarding Thunderbird's government model, I still think this content is important, especially now that we will be relying on external contributors so much. (And also I think an active Thunderbird blog is a good way to show that Mozilla hasn't abandoned Thunderbird - we are just relying more on our contributor community.)
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