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Reimplement "Most active docs" feature for Kuma


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The docs landing page has a "Most active docs" section. Oddly, this is powered by the MindTouch Recent Changes RSS feed, rather than being based on most-active metrics.

That confusion aside, the feed will go away along with MindTouch. The data will probably linger and go stale, so the implementation of bug 757940 will hide this section.

If we want that section back, we should reimplement it using Kuma wiki data. However, if we want it to actually be most-active, we'll need to start measuring activity metrics.
Going to go out on a limb and say that we can launch in July without this feature, and think about prioritizing it shortly thereafter.
Blocks: 756266
No longer blocks: 711477
Guessing that this is pretty important to our hardcore writers.

Sheppy, Janet: Thoughts?
This and "Doc of the Day" are on which I pretty much never go to. I would be interested in a dashboard of most active and most popular docs (and other dashboardy things), but that would be a separate feature request.
Maybe this could be rolled into bug 718906.
(In reply to John Karahalis [:openjck] from comment #4)
> Maybe this could be rolled into bug 718906.

If the MDN dashboard is all public-viewable, then this could be rolled into that. Otherwise, this bug is about a public "leaderboard" of the most edited docs
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No longer blocks: 756266
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