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Mozilla Impact-Feedback Training Deck


We're creating training that will be used to get all paid-staff up to speed around the upcoming Annual Assessment.  We are aiming to launch this training within a week (starting with champions then opening to wider audiences quickly after). I'm attaching the powerpoint deck we plan to use, but it could definitely use some creative work.  Deb recommended that I file a bug to get help on this.


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6 years ago
Hi Lynee, i'm refiling this as a design bug (marketing bugs don't hit our radar)

This is pretty late request so I'm not sure how much I can offer here.  I did have that keynote template that I shared over email, is that something you can use?

Cc-ing Rhonda who had helped us with some orange-driven presentation templates before to see if she can do anything quickly.  But given the timing, best we can provide is a template that you can use to dump this content into. 

Not sure if this is related to LEAD or not, but that other template for "LEAD" is here:  bug #740129
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6 years ago
Hey Tara--
If we need something more than just the template we designed earlier, let me know and I can fit it into my schedule Mon-Tues (June 4-5) if that works for the deadline.

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6 years ago
Any help is appreciated because as you'll see our graphics are a bit basic as well.  And one of our men has a tie and people don't like ties. I can connect first thing Monday morning as needed.  We're still shoring up a few dates but those will be minor changes not graphic changes.


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6 years ago
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Most Updated Powerpoint Deck

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6 years ago
Thanks Rhonda, I believe you did an orange template for us, if you can attach that it would be great.  Lynee, given the short lead time on this I think the best thing is to share the template and have you update the content into that template.  I don't think we'll have the time or bandwidth to re-illustrate anything. Perhaps Rhonda can help offer better stock art for the men figures, but she won't be able to re-craft the slides herself. Timing seems too tight.

John, what do you think?

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6 years ago
Lynee, do you need help with the overall template for the deck or the graphics within it? Seems like maybe the latter but please let us know for sure.

If it is the latter, unfortunately that's a more involved thing and is something we'd ideally have a kickoff discussion about to make sure we understand your needs and are meeting them appropriately. 

If it's the former, I think the orange deck Tara mentioned would work well. You can find it at the top of the list here:,_logos_and_style_guides

Also, this is mainly for future reference, but the best way to make sure bugs appear on our radar is to file them at and them select either Design or Copy as the component depending on what you primarily need (you can also file bugs for both). As Tara noted, otherwise we don't see the request.

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Created attachment 629817 [details]
Feedback Process.Deck.2012.June4

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6 years ago
Hi there,
I'm stepping in for Lynee on this going forward so let me clarify what we need/want.

We are looking for help creating the overall template for the deck so that it matches the Mozilla look and feel. Of course we'd like the content to remain the same, but outside of that we'd like you to bring your creativity into play using whatever graphics you think will tell the story.

I'm happy to meet with you to discuss if you think that's necessary, but we are in crunch mode and honestly anything will be better than what we are using at this moment (attached to this bug). Of course it's not doable this morning, but it would be great if we could get at least a first go by tomorrow for our training kick off, and then work on iterations if needed. I'm sorry this didn't come to you sooner (likely because the bug wasn't filed for creative), and is adding pressure to your already full plates.


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6 years ago
Hi guys.  Given the last minute nature of this bug there really isn't anything more I can do other than point to the same presentation template that I mentioned / John shared in comments above and ask you to move the content to that template.  Having someone review the presentation deck and make additional changes to help tell the story or craft/edit illustrations etc would really be a scope that is not feasible at this time.  I think having the right presentation template will already help a lot, even though it's not ideal.

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6 years ago
Quick recap on this:

Audree and I connected offline, and we focused the scope on one graphic in particular that needed to be replaced. Lee worked on it this afternoon, so we should be all set.

If you guys need anything else, please open another bug (and be sure to mark the component as design or copy so we see it). If for some reason we don't reply within 24 hours, you can always email Tara or me or just come find us.
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