Galaxy Nexus in Hax0r needs to be rooted differently



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6 years ago
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We talked about this a bit on irc, but I figured I should file an issue so we can track it.

The way it's rooted right now, you get a root prompt when you adb in, but the "su" command does not work from other applications (like SUTAgent). This means that programs like monkey do not work.

Example demonstrating the problem:

From the telnet prompt I type:

$>exec su -c id
uid=10058(app_58) gid=10058(app_58) groups=1015(sdcard_rw),3001(net_bt_admin),3002(net_bt),3003(inet)
return code [0]

When what I should see, and what I do see on my own device is:

$>exec su -c id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
return code [0]

My own device was running Android ICS 4.0.4, rooted according to these instructions I believe (it's been a while but I'm pretty sure):

I think upping the Android version of the Galaxy Nexus in MV and following these instructions should do the trick.
Hi Clint,

Any update on this? It would be really nice to get day-to-day Eideticker updates on this platform.

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6 years ago
I thouhgt this was done ages ago before I went on vacation...
(In reply to Clint Talbert ( :ctalbert ) from comment #2)
> I thouhgt this was done ages ago before I went on vacation...

I'm pretty sure this was never done. When I telnet into the galaxy nexus (now and do "exec su -c id", it now just hangs. Similarly when I try to run the rebt command, I get this:


##AGENT-WARNING## [null] command is currently not implemented.

In other words, I think there's still an issue.

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6 years ago
Ok, re-applied this root to the galaxy nexus and both the exec su -c id and rebt commands seem to be working (tried and rebooted the phone three times and they still work). Going to re-deploy into haxxor.
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Hmm, I think this might need some further adjusting. Specifically, I think we need to modify the superuser program to not prompt before taking an action, as some commands still do not seem to work, for example:

$>exec su -c setprop
Permission denied
return code [1]

Could you open the superuser program and make sure that "Automatic response" is set to "Allow". Also, should probably set "Notifications" to off (so superuser prompts don't interfere with the Eideticker capture).
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6 years ago
Ok, did both of those things.  Will re-frain from marking as fixed until you test it.
Yep, this has been working great for a while.
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11 months ago
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