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[Firefox Beta] Major Update Prompt 14.0 to 15.0beta


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Hi Tara, 

I started talking to John about this project a few weeks ago.

The overall goal of the project is to have one major campaign to increase Firefox Beta users dramatically. (between 5million to 10million users).

This project will entail prompting Firefox 13 GA users to try and opt-in to Firefox Beta 15 during the throttle GA release period. 

Firefox GA users will get a major update billboard prompt with the offer to try Firefox Beta. (attached is the simulated prompting experience).

Since the major update prompt or billboard is not part of the usual release/update process, this can only be done in a very limited opportunity and would also like to have a few options in designs and copy to test. 

Design Requirements 
•Billboard Size: 700 x 360 billboard
•Clear Firefox Beta branding (given this billboard will be seen in GA by GA users.)
•Design should stand out since this is not part of the usual update process but also have the official firefox feel to it, so users are aware that this is intentional and an official firefox offer/communication ie. Bolder or bright colors etc. 
•The CTA needs to be clear – Download/try Firefox Beta
•Additionally, given that we are unable to customize what the buttons in the billboard/prompt window, we also need to implement in the design what the actual buttons do. ie. maybe Use an arrow to point on how to proceed or try Firefox Beta (see attached sample major update billboard and firefox beta prompt mock-up)

Copy Requirements: 
•We want to have a couple of options for copy (potentially will test the copy prior or during the implementation)
•This offering is to users currently running GA. 
•The Copy needs to be clear that this prompt is offering Firefox Beta and clear on the value proposition for using Firefox Beta 
•We need to convey in the copy that this will require switching to beta (vs running their current Firefox GA)
•The messaging we want to test: 
1.Sneak Peek to new features
2.Test Features/Contribute/be a part of team that makes Firefox even more awesome  

•Copy Deadline: It would be great if we can have copy options by Jun. 8th
•Design Deadline: It would be great if we have design options by June 15th. 
•The copy and design will need be localized.
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Assignee: tshahian → Mnovak
Component: Design → Copy
QA Contact: design → copy
assigning design portion to Ty with a cc. we can change the bug to design once copy is done.
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OK, here are a couple of versions for this. I based the structure on the mockup in comment 1, so it's wordmark, benefit line and then a CTA. The first is a bit more friendly and the second is a bit more techie, but I think either would work for a general audience. It's just a matter of what will draw them in (cool new features vs. being a part of the process).


Firefox Beta
Get a sneak peek at what's coming soon to Firefox.

Switch to Firefox Beta for your everyday browsing.


Firefox Beta
Test the latest features and help make Firefox even more awesome.

Make Firefox Beta your default browser today.
Component: Copy → Design
Summary: [Firefox Beta] Major Update Prompt 13.0 to 15.0beta → [Firefox Beta] Major Update Prompt 14.0 to 15.0beta
Has this been put on hold too?
(In reply to Ty Flanagan from comment #4)
> Has this been put on hold too?

Hi Ty, 
Yes. this has been put on hold for now. 

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