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Steps to reproduce:

1. Installed Nightly build of Fennec (June 5, 2012)
2. Installed Tecla Access app (provides keyboard & switch access to ppl. w/mobility impairments):
3. Tested with Tecla Access as default IME with "Show navigation keyboard" option checked.

Actual results:

Keyboard focus highlights showed properly the first time, but failed to show after a few keyboard actions (i.e., moving around the UI with the Tecla Access soft keyboard). In order to bring the highlights back, the screen must be touched and dragged. This is impossible to do for Tecla Access users as they are not able to manipulate their devices directly.

This issue prevents Firefox for mobile from being used with external switches and thus excludes people with mobility impairments as potential users.

Expected results:

Keyboard focus highlights should be consistently shown when the device is NOT in touch mode. Android leaves touch mode automatically every time an input device other than the touch screen is used to interact with the device. This is essential for those controlling the phone through alternative input devices such as adapted switches or wheelchair driving controls. For additional info see:
Keywords: access
OS: Linux → Android
Hardware: x86_64 → ARM
Cursor doesn't show at all on nightly 6/6/2012 + Tecla IME
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