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[PP]Investigate mail/news Mac code footprint


(SeaMonkey :: MailNews: Message Display, defect, P3)

Mac System 8.6


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: phil, Assigned: hangas)


The mail/news Mac build is about twice as large as the Windows build. Please
find out why this is, and make whatever improvements are possible.

                 Win32     Mac
addrbook         53248    84812
local mail       90112   183557
compose          86016   171894
mailnews         65536   135781
mime             98304   173932
imap            147456   354114
news             90112   197453
db              126976   315149
vcard            49152    56449
htmlemitter      20480    12852
xmlemitter       20480    12415
rawemitter       20480     9557
total           815104  1623153
I thing the optimized build still has the Macsbug symbols and that could
represent an overall of about 20%.
Chris, is this true? If so, is it necessary?
Summary: Investigate mail/news Mac code footprint → [PP]Investigate mail/news Mac code footprint
Target Milestone: M8
the optimized bits have traceback tables and macsbug symbols turned on.
these do have an affect on overall size, possibly accounting for the 20%.

it's useful to turn these symbols on, since it allows for debugging of optimized

someone on the mac team can try turning traceback tables off and rebuilding, to
see if that accounts for the majority of the difference.
just for grins, we should look at the sizes of the .so from the Linux / PPC
build and compare it to the .so from Linux / i386.

adding briano to cc list.

brian, I see on tinderbo ports that it is building, but there no tar.gz in

can you point me to a build?
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Investigated Mac footprint and everything checked out fine.  The traceback tables

are turned on in release builds and this makes the code about 20% larger than it

would otherwise be.  Release team owns choice of traceback tables on or off, they

seem to be willing to have the larger code for more meaningful information about

JFD, Chris and Paul say that the traceback tables and macsbug symbols contribute
to about 20% of the overall total.  Do you think that we'll ship the final
product with this?  If so, then I'm going to mark this bug verified?  If not,
then I'm going to turn this bug report into a reminder to turn those tables and
symbols off for the final release.  Anyone?  Ok?
if that is the chosen resolution (and I think it's correct) then I'm going to
close this as a dup of bug 4830. That bug is a remind bug that tells me to turn
off the traceback table on every milestone build that we release.

Also, we will not be shipping the final product with traceback tables on.
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