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Japanese: AMO/Android first page is partial translated


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Change device's language to Japanese 
2. Open Fennec
3. Go to Menu > Add-ons and tap on AMO shortcut from the top-right of the page

Expected result:
AMO mobile page is properly translated into Japanese.

Actual result:
AMO mobile page is not fully translated (see attached screenshot).
(In reply to Cristian Nicolae (:xti) from comment #1)
> Note:
> html?search=Easy+ways&sfields=source&sfields=target.

It's already translated as you linked.
Maybe because it's not submitted into svn and I tried to do it with "Commit to VCS" button on this page:

result will be:
Failed to commit file: [SVN] Error running SVN command '['svn', '-q', '--non-interactive', 'commit', '-m', u'Commit from Mozilla Verbatim by user 905 of 1681 messages translated (52 fuzzy).', '--with-revprop', u' <>', u'/data/www/']': svn: Commit failed (details follow): svn: File '/addons/trunk/site/app/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po' is out of date 

I guess I should "Update from VCS" first but I heard that when we use "Update from VCS", translated work on verbatim (but not yet in svn) will be lost.

I want keep already translated works.
What should I do?

note: If I have svn access, I can merge manually but I don't have it yet.
If you can fix it with SVN access lets get you that.  You'll need to file a bug:
(In reply to Wil Clouser [:clouserw] from comment #3)
> If you can fix it with SVN access lets get you that.  You'll need to file a
> bug:

Could you vouch me in bug 708537?
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