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Steps to reproduce:

But, but, I'm innocent. I din do nuttin. TB simply sitting at idle with ~10 emails open in tabs.

Actual results:

Gradually creeping cpu usage. Goes from 0 to 40% over several days. On V13. Have tried safe mode and offline mode. All accounts are POP. Check for mail every 2/hr. I keep maybe 10 email tabs open. Indexing is always off. Not just off & on usage but constant. Constant slow rate of increase. Has been like this for a very long time going back over numerous revs. I just restart it from time to time. Searching I only find similar cases that were resolved (it was indexing or and add-on) or just peter out with no resolution. Activity Monitor just shows my own actions, check mail, delete an email, etc.

Expected results:

Shouldna done that creeping cpu thing.

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7 years ago
(In reply to njem from comment #0)
40% CPU usage is not much, IMHO. So far as it is short in time.
didn't happen in version 12?

if it did, please see


7 years ago
Keywords: perf

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7 years ago
Waited for v13.01 to come out. Figured it wouldn't be long. Always something with a new release. Same problem. Yes it happened with v12 and much further back. Just been tolerating it and restarting from time to time. Went through the suggested debugging link and here are notes from it: I compact regularly. I do have a couple of large archive folders but so what? I don't have indexing on. They're just sitting there. Under  Tools|Options|Advanced|General|System Integration|Allow Windows Search it is grayed out and not checked, probably because I have some of windows optional indexing turned off. For both windows and TB I prefer background indexing off and I run brute force search tool (in TB its own search) just when and where I want to. Don't have google search installed. Try to keep the system pretty basic. At the moment don't have regular anti-virus running. Just nightly on-demand scan by Malwarebytes. Hasn't found anything. Not on gmail. As noted, all accounts are POP. NO news or RSS feeds. Compostion auto-save 5min. Auto-check for new mail off (I used to have it at 2hrs but turned it off a while back). Much of the debbugging steps have to do with memory. This is not a memory problem. Do not run calendar. updater.exe is not running. Data is not on a special drive.

So what's next? I can't believe there isn't some debug logging mode that could simply show this or that function running up.
thanks for the great detail.  fwiw, many memory issues cause CPU issues, hence the joint document.

how many pop accounts?
global inbox?  or all separate inboxes?
what are sizes of the largest popstate.dat files?

> happened with v12 and much further back.
back to version 3.0?
what is the CPU increase per day?  5%?, next would be to try so we could figure out where CPU usage is being spent on.

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7 years ago
10 POP accounts but three are unused, old addresses I just keep the old email for reference, could probably get rid of the old account set up. Set to not check. All are in Local Folders except one in its own inbox. Popstate.dat, several 1K, one 50K, one 400K. Tried gecko profiler but it says it doesn't work with 13.0.1. Sounds like just the thing to narrow it down though. CPU increase varies some but you can always count on it creeping up. Now running 2 days and at about 10%. Compare that to shortly after a TB restart it's almost 0. Wait long enough it gets up to 40 and then my system is slow and I restart TB.
correct, the profile requires newer version - cites "daily" build
Summary: creeping cpu usage → creeping cpu usage in safe mode
Whiteboard: [needs profile from reporter]

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7 years ago
I assume a daily build is the beta of the day? Searcing in the mozilla tbird section for "daily build" and trying with search engines too I find various chat about daily builds but not where to get them. Where is it?
It is cited on the linked page

Comment 10

7 years ago
Yes, I finally found that after searching around other ways and finding and FTP site with "nightly" builds which I assumed was right. A confusing list of optional downloads buy I now have one of them installed and the gecko profiler is happy. Once CPU useage creeps up I'll capture a slice of what it's doing. I'm not sure how to save a profile though. It doesn't have a save option, just an upload option which I'm not sure where it's uploading to. So once I've run the profiler for a bit while in high CPU mode, what do I do with it?
Thanks for running the profiler!

The uploaded profiles are currently going to a server being run by an engineer in our platform team.  When you choose "upload profile", a link should be displayed once the upload is complete. If you give us that link, we will be able to view your profile.

Can you send us the link?

Comment 12

7 years ago
I kept waiting for a chance to catch TB using more cpu but maybe this daily version doesn't. Plus I've had numerous times where it crashed or I had to reboot so I couldn't let it run for days. So the profile link I uploaded is this. The paste broke up the link but it's all there.

gecko thunderbird profile
about 15% cpu. idle. one email in compose, idle. search page open but idle. 11 emails open. indexing off. add ons off




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7 years ago
Hey folks, the profile is up. Will it be looked at?
(In reply to njem from comment #13)
> Hey folks, the profile is up. Will it be looked at?

Hey njem, I just looked at the profile, and I don't see anything too unusual...

What add-ons do you have installed?

Comment 15

7 years ago
Installed? Or running? The only one I have running is Identity Chooser 1.6.4 because it's a pain not to use it and I've tried turning it off for a while with no difference. And Gecko profiler of course. The others installed are:
show all body parts
test pilot
google update (just noticed as I'm looking here it has turned itself back on. Like most add ons, I never asked for it. All others are turned off. Turning off google updater seems to make no difference.)
browser plus, yahoo
divx vod helper
foxit reader
java deployment
java platform
MS office x 2
music notes
several by realplayer

Does the profile even indicate the 15%, now 20% cpu usage? I just uploaded a new profile because it has now crept up over 20%.
And does the profile show errors? The error report shows a bunch of stuff that I don't know if it's significant.
I can send screen shots of W7 profiler, my  list of add-ons turned off, TB setup screens, whatever. It's just sitting there being very busy running something and there must be a way to discover what. 
FYI Malwarebytes declares the system clean.
njem, suggest you start windows in safe mode - 
- win7 

and run thunderbird in safe mode 

does problem reproduce?
Whiteboard: [needs profile from reporter] → [closeme 2013-01-18]


6 years ago
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Whiteboard: [closeme 2013-01-18]

Comment 17

6 years ago
Wayne, So no one else has this problem? Hard to believe. I kept open the possibility that it was something weird about my set up but I've since moved to another system. The old was AMD, this is i5. Clean setup of windows, clean install of TB, just moved my data over. Same problem. It eats less CPU because this is faster but it still does. Apparently it isn't bothering anyone else, and I've learned to just restart TB periodically, so the heck with it.
second profile looks much the same as the first - except lots of symbols missing. so its usefulness is a little suspect. However, it looks like most time is spent in windows kernel. So I suspect some OS-related software like firewall or AV (antivirus).

Did you do windows safe mode (comment 16)?

And *If* you are still crashing, post your crash IDs as it might help narrow in on this performance issue.

> Wayne, So no one else has this problem?

creeping CPU usage?   Not unless you also have significantly increasing Thunderbird memory usage

Comment 19

6 years ago

Firewall or Anti-V? I do something unusual. I don't use anti-v. They all fail so they're just using up cpu. I regularly run malwarebytes to scan if any virus has gotten in and get rid of it (never have on either of the systems in this issue). No firewall besides windows.

I can't test win safe mode because it unpredictably goes days with no problem, then starts to creep up, other times creeps up from the start but slow enough it might take hours to measurably see it. It's hard to find ways to actually use the system while in safe mode.

Posting crash IDs? It doesn't crash, it just eats cpu. Creeping memory? Don't know. Hadn't looked or thought it was an issue. I don't run out of ram, just cpu.
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