Using bilingual IME in the URL bar can cause the keyboard layout to change involuntarily




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7 years ago
HTC One X. Open keyb in Russian. Start typing in urlbar and the keyb will change to English by itself.

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7 years ago
FF beta. And two keyb are installed: rus & eng.

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7 years ago
actually it is fixed in nightly.
Can you reproduce on Aurora?

Chris, any idea what the fix is? Should it have landed on Beta?
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7 years ago
The nightly has it also.
You mean Aurora?

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7 years ago
Nope, I mean Nightly. I tested it once again and could also reproduce.
Eugene, can you reproduce this with Android's stock browser (or any other apps)?

Switching my Galaxy Nexus from English to Russian language, the default keyboard does not seem to support Cyrillic characters. If I then switch my input method to alternate keyboard (such as "Hacker's Keyboard"), then the keyboard displays Cyrillic characters. I see this with any Android app.
Re-nom if this turns out to be Firefox specific
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7 years ago
Have not seen the problem in any other browser or program.

The same behavior is on HTC Flyer (Android 3.2) and Aurora, using HTC keyboard.

The same on the original Asus Transformer (Android 4.0.3) using Asus SW keyboard and latest Nightly. Cannot reproduce using the standard Android keyboard.
Eugene, have you installed any third-party keyboards?

When you say "Russian keyboard", do you mean Android's default keyboard with Cyrillic characters or do you mean a third-party app called "Russian Keyboard". The Google Play store has at least two apps with the generic name "Russian Keyboard", one from Code Sector and another from GameWarrior.
qawanted, can you reproduce this bug with Nightly and/or Android's stock browser?
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7 years ago
I use stock HTC keyb. On Asus I wrote that android keyb does not have the issue, but the Asus keyboard has.
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I tried to reproduce this issue using 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1:
OS Language: English
IME: English + Russian (set to Russian)
Result: The issue was not reproducible

Scenario 2:
OS Language: Russian
IME: Russian (default)
Result: The issue still not reproducible

Firefox 16.0a1 (2012-06-10)
Device: Galaxy Nexus
OS: Android 4.0.2

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7 years ago
Galaxy Nexus has the build-in Android keyb. On that keyb I also cannot reproduce it. HTC and Asus have they own keyb.

BTW It is not always reproducible, I believe you should open a new tab and only then it will change the layout.

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7 years ago
Video. Sorry for the quality.
Keywords: qawanted
Note: hangul (한글) is the name for the Korean alphabet.

I have this issue with the Korean keyboard layout (Google's official IME) on all native Firefox versions (store to Nightly):

0) Enable Korean keyboard.
1) Open Firefox.
2) Click URL bar.
3) Switch to hangul input (한글) - bottom left
4) Type "감사" which is formed by typing the following characters individually: ㄱ + ㅏ + ㅁ + ㅅ + ㅏ

Expected: "감사" is written in the URL bar
Actual: The keyboard switches to latin script input after the second "ㅏ" is pressed. The first character (감) remains while the second character is replaced by the latin script letter where "ㅏ" would be -> "k". The end result is "감k". Note that when the second "ㅏ" is pressed, the second character forms a commitable character (사), but it is not yet committed.

The change to latin script always seems to occur around the second character but the pattern is weird depending on how many letters are in the syllable blocks you form.

The bug only happens when the URL bar is just opened (can be closed and reopened to repo). Therefore, backspacing and replacing the text with more Korean text will keep the keyboard in hangul input mode.

Also, it does not happen every time but it happens a majority of the time. It does not seem to happen when Firefox is FIRST opened (wait a few seconds), but it will happen if you switch to it when it's already opened.

Tested on Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.0.4. I believe the bug also occurs on my Asus Transformer Prime TF201, Android 4.0.3, with the Google Korean IME, however, I do not have it with me.

If you need an explanation on hangul, the Korean input system, or want to see a repo, feel free to ask.
Summary: keyboard layout changes → Using bilingual IME in the URL bar can cause the keyboard layout to change involuntarily
Note the above does not happen in any other applications (including browsers) I've tested.
Note to all testers:

URL bar is a widget versus a text field or a password field.  They all might act different as they run into different parts of the code.  Here's a simplified page to help with your testings and looking at results:
I cannot repo on the text fields or passwords fields – just the URL bar.
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