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6 years ago
As a short-term solution to getting Windows 8 testing setup, we are going to be repurposing the HP DL120s that are currently being used as b2g builders as Windows 8 testers. There are only 42 of these machines at present, so unless we order more, this is at best an interim solution.

Bug 760440 documents purchasing sufficient video cards to outfit all of these 42 machines, but there is already a subset of machines being setup with existing cards in bug 755772. 

Things that we'll need to verify:
* do we need dongles for Win8?
** Should dongles be required for all testing platforms going forward?
** what resolution should the testers be running at?
* remote power (PDU)
* unnecessary services turned off (bluetooth, etc)
* GPO/Windows domain integration
* buildbot startup
Keep in mind that these are not minis.  They have OOB management and therefore will not require remote power to reboot them.
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I gave a set of instructions for MaRu to recreate the first image I created.
We will have to iterate (re-image/put-in-production) once he is done to make sure that we iron the last bits.

Once we are close to have more action in this are we can re-open bugs or file more precise bugs.

Right now there's nothing to be done.
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