Shrink E:\ drink in w2k3 VM nss-vm-win32-1



6 years ago
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6 years ago
So, we setup an NSS w2k3 VM in Bug 760961 from a SeaMonkey VM clone.

It currently has an 80GB E:\ which is far larger than is necessary for NSS.

Please shrink this drive to 30GB.

:kaie is holding out for IT shrinking the drive to use the machine in production, so restart/power cycle at will as necessary.

FQDN is I do not know which host is the VMWare server itself though.
Assignee: dgherman → server-ops
Component: Server Operations → Server Operations: Virtualization
QA Contact: phong → dparsons
Shrinking a drive in Windows Server 2003 is non-trivial. Does this absolutely have to be done?

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6 years ago
Not a requirement for :kaie, but was done for calendar from the same base refimage without issue. Also, should things go awry the contents of E:\ are recoverable relatively easily (I just no longer have access to this host to do so)

[all that is on E:\ is a small set of folders, with proper win user permissions]

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6 years ago
...O too expand on c#2, I requested this as I am told [in the past] we have a finite HD space for VMs on this VM Cluster, and no ability (short term) to expand it. And figured giving this space back to IT for other needs would be a good idea.
It is true that we have finite space, however the amount of work required to shrink this disk to 30GB is not worth the savings, which would be meager anyway due to thin provisioning / deduplication. So, unless there is another reason beyond space efficiency, I'm going to WONTFIX this.
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