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1. Open
2. Click on the middle video to being playback.
3. Try clicking again to pause the video, or otherwise try to interact with the controls.

Observe: The controls are unusable. They appear, but they don't cause playback of the video to stop.

Expected: Controls should be usable.

Testing on Samsung Galaxy S I9000. Firefox 14 Beta.
So with the push from Bug 765106, the controls do "work" here. They're just crazy slow to respond to taps and provide no visual indication that they're responding either. Especially on my crappy single core phone. (I'm mainly testing with the middle video in the above link, which is the only one that uses our controls on my phone).

We can make them use touch events, which should fire more quickly (but we'll have to do our own work to detect whether a touch is a tap or a drag). We could also try to get some form of an active state hooked up to tell the user they clicked something.
Whoops. Realized after I wrote that that I was using a debug build. The controls are fairly responsive now, especially on pages that have disabled double-tap zoom. The refactor in bug 704229 helps slightly too.

They could be made even more responsive if we want to do tap-detection in the page. I'm leaving this open for any contributor who might be interested.
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I am ok to take it.
I will try to catch you on irc to have some details.
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