Switch from jingo-minify to django-compressor



6 years ago
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6 years ago
The cool devs on other projects are now using LESS and switching to django-compressor. We shouldn't fall behind. We can take advantage of the redesign work coming up to do all the new stuff in LESS, but before that we should switch to django-compressor.

I assume this is a pretty big change to the way bundles are defined and included in templates. We also need to update the deploy scripts and make sure the servers have the right dependencies (lessc?) installed.

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6 years ago
I am putting this in the next sprint for now so we can discuss and estimate and decide when we really want to do it.
Target Milestone: --- → 2012.12
I believe the dependencies would be LESS (lessc) and Node.js.

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6 years ago
There is quite a bit to do here including getting IT to add the required dependencies. We should wait until playdoh has this completely working and copy. Therefore, moving to next sprint.
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Target Milestone: 2012.12 → 2012.13
Does playdoh have this completely working? I'm pretty sure they don't.

Rehan: Do you know offhand? Should we push this off to the next sprint?
I don't know offhand. Last time I checked they didn't. 

I think we can push this to the next sprint. The only reason we were rushing this was because I thought it made sense to do this before implemented LESS compilation with jingo-minify, but since I've been doing that anyway we can wait on this.
Right... This all sounds familiar now--I think we talked about it last week.

Anyhow, given that it's not a priority and we're doing the work we need to do regardless, I'm bumping this out of the sprint and into 2012Q3.
Target Milestone: 2012.13 → 2012Q3

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5 years ago
Wow, this was at least 3 LDAP password resets ago.
Target Milestone: 2012Q3 → Future
We switched to django-pipeline. Marking this as WONTFIX.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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