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Quotes in page titles prevent Adobe Acrobat 9 from printing to files


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Steps to reproduce:

(Note this is Firefox Nightly 15.0a1 2012-05-22)

I printed a web-page to Adobe's PDF printer, where the page title had quotes in it, e.g.

<title>This is a "test" with some more text after it<title>

Actual results:

This results in Adobe Distiller etc. not printing the page; apparently it does not escape quotes and has problems dealing with document titles with quotes in it.

Expected results:

Document should have printed; possibly without quotes in page titles, or page title quotes turned into html escape sequences?

This might actually be a bug more suited for Adobe, but I thought you guys would want to know as well. Maybe escaping page titles would just generally be a good idea for printing?

Sorry if it's not the right place for this.
Attached file testcase
Can you try to print the simple test page I joined? (just open the attachment in another tab and print to your PDF printer)
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This is what it looks like when it hangs.
Ok, so I ran some more tests...

Single quotes are fine; '&quot;' gets converted by firefox to '"' when sending it to Adobe PDF for printing, so changing the <title> to that doesn't fix the problem.

Seems like other special characters are fine too.
Is this specific to using PDF.js and handing off to Adobe or are you using the Adobe plugin directly? Please provide precise steps to reproduce.
Hi Anthony,

As far as I know, this doesn't involve PDF.js, as this issue is encountered only when running "Print Page" on HTML pages, and selecting Adobe PDF as the 'printer' when the page title contains quotes. Also, this affects 16.0a1 (2012-06-22) as well.

Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Professional (may affect other versions)
Firefox 15.0a1 - 16.0a1

1) Navigate to any web page where the page title has double-quotes in it.
2) [CTRL]+[P] to print page.
3) Select 'Adobe PDF' as the printer. (It does NOT matter what you choose to name the file)
4) Attempt to print.

In the HTML inspector, delete the <title> node from the page. This will allow you to print correctly.

Alternatively, if you tried to print and it failed, you have to stop the processes:
splwow64.exe (Print Spooler for 64-bit windows, may be different on 32 bit)

Then restart the print spooler service, and restart Firefox.
Currently downloading Adobe Acrobat X Pro trial version to see if this reproduces on my end. I'm unable to track down Acrobat 9.0 Pro for download. Can you please try testing this with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome on your end?
I'm able to reproduce this in Firefox now with the Adobe Acrobat X Pro trial installed. This does not reproduce with Internet Explorer. That said, I'm not sure this is a true Firefox bug as the Acrobat Distiller gives me an error "Please check the correct path and filename" followed by recurring "File is being distilled. Are you sure you want to quit?" dialogs.

Clicking OK on the File dialog, and No on the quit dialogs results in the file opening in Acrobat correctly. I believe the "hang" is being caused by Acrobat popping up these dialogs.

I get the exact same behaviour with Firefox 4, so this is not a Firefox regression. It's likely a case of Acrobat causing a problem in Firefox.
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This is confirmed.  I have the problem on a 32bit XP system with FF 18.0.2 with acrobat standard 9.  I also have the problem on a 64bit Win7 Pro system with Adobe Acrobat Standard X.

Firefox passes the quotes in a website title to the printer and the Adobe PDF printer parses them and brings up error messages with Adobe directories and parts of the website title.

IE does not pass quotes and seems to convert them to - or something like that.  Chrome I do not think passes the title at all.

I am sorry to bring this up but Adobe is not giving any resolution.  The support they provide is so far useless.  I really wonder what maliciously can be done with this.  I know exposure would be limited but I bet you it can be used to run commands or at least touch files.

I really am looking for a work around.
I forgot to add that the error message parsing starts after the first quote in a webpage title.
Yeah, sorry, I had IRL things come up last summer, and I didn't get around to getting back to anyone.

So my work around was to edit the <title> tag of any page I wanted to print to PDF, using Firebug.
I may wire a greasmonkey script to change the quotes.
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