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Kuma: Find a way to support "Browser compatibility" table style and scripting


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Check out the bottom of these two pages, in the "Browser compatibility" table:

In MindTouch, templates could inject inline JavaScript. In Kuma, the <script> tag is not whitelisted for templates or any page markup:

We don't want to whitelist <script>, so we need to find another way to include this script. Maybe it should be rolled up into wiki.js?
Would it be easier to remove the need to use javascript to switch between the tables entirely? This is an example of the resulting table code snippet from
and reworked using radio input labels in place of the needless unordered list for Desktop and Mobile tabs.

I picked the :checked table on purpose as that's the switching method I used, so it shows us what browsers this will work in. Testing the example in IE8 just shows both tables (the way both are shown when viewing the existing link with javascript disabled).
I don't have IE9 to test on, but if it doesn't work there then the info in the table is wrong ;)
IE8 halved it's global marketshare in the past year if that matters:
Going by those stats, the switching ability of compatibility tables in Kuma goes from 0% now to 86% just using the :checked CSS method.
If IE8 keeps halving every year its share will be below 1% by 2016, though stats directly from devmo would be more useful.
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New bug filed as a dup of this one, but since work has started over there...
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