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A/B Testing on the Download Firefox Button Possible?


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We would like to A/B test on the "download" button for Firefox desktop. We would like to do this asap as in within the next week. We are currently running a SEM campaign to drive downloads and would like to test the button while this campaign is running. I am trying to find out what is possible through WebTrends. Please let me know what the options are as soon as possible.

I'll need to know the landing page for the campaign. Have you tagged the campaign with the WT.mc_id parameter?

We can track the A/B but it will take some extra tagging on the button click so we can tell on from the other.
Hey kristin - I'd also ask one of our Web Team devs if this can be done, assuming all is good on the webtrends side of things. I remember there was some sort of complication because of the method we use to serve out content. I don't remember the details, but am adding Mr. Steven Garrity to this bug to add his know-how. I hope it's no longer a problem on our new platform...

Can we get a few more specifics?

What kind of variations are we talking about for the download button? (style, color, text, etc.)

What page? Note that the /firefox/fx page is changing this coming Tues (/firefox/new remains mostly the same).

We're in the midst of a big push for the coming Firefox for Android launch, so time/resources are tight.
Thanks for the responses. 

re: comment 2: Laura, I chatted with Chris More and he suggested I file a bug to see what Web Trends can support so that's where I started. 

re: comment 3: Ideally we'd like to test all of those things but we can start with testing color and/or text. The page we want to test on is this page:

This is part of the Tiger Team to drive the 9% growth in desktop downloads goal for this year so this is also pretty time sensitive. 

Based on this info. is A/B testing possible? 

Just wanted to check in and find out what's possible? Is what I mentioned above possible? Thanks.
Last year, SiteSpect was used for A/B testing - is that tool still available?
for the Brazil SEM campaign, we are just going to do 4 static pages and investigate bringing SiteSpect back online.
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