gmail ignores requested page and starts with wrong account - unable to get firefox to process requested address correctly.




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Steps to reproduce:

Enter '

Actual results:

I have several gmail accounts that I use. When I request '', I get automatically connected to one of the gmail accounts. I do not want this behaviour, I want the blank account entry form so that I can choose which account to use. Saving usernames and passwords is great but deciding which account I should use is not on.

Expected results:

the page '' should be displayed not anything at a lower level
That happens only if google saved a cookie in the browser and this is a google feature and not a firefox one.
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Comment 2

6 years ago
Many thanks for the speedy response.  If Gmail is storing a cookie, why is this the only browser that goes directly to the inbox rather than stopping at the account request stage with the fields (account & password) filled in?
You seem to be logged into your google Account and selected "Stay signed in" during the login

Comment 4

6 years ago
Thanks again for the speed of response.  However I never select the 'stay signed in' option as this would not allow me access to my other accounts. Indeed having gone into the 'firefox, options, options, privacy' and deleted all the cookies associated with gmail, I now find that for some reason, firefox will load another one of my gmail accounts.  

Just went through the whole cycle again - delete cookies, etc - and have arrived where I want to be.  Many thanks for your help.
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