Don't display search engine awesomebar results for text that beings with http://




6 years ago
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6 years ago
People with http:// are likely entering a url and not searching
Component: General → Awesomescreen
But suggestions can include URLs; for example, entering "http://maps" shows suggestions for "".
This bugs me the most when i copy and paste a huge link from an email.

1.) i don't like sending personal links to Google.

2.) They have no suggestions anyway. We just show the link again in their suggestion box. If its a really long link, we wrap it which is ugly.

3.) Even if they did have a suggestion, its incredibly unlikely to be what i want, since I really just want to go to this site that i pasted.

For some reason, seeing the huge highlighted link appear as suggestion distracts my attention and makes me stop what I'm doing, realize its just a bad suggestion, and then get angry that we bothered sending that private info to Google in the first place. i.e. I think we should add heuristics to, at the very least, in SOME situations, pretend we didn't do this.
(In reply to Wesley Johnston (:wesj) from comment #2)
> This bugs me the most when i copy and paste a huge link from an email.

I wonder how common of a use case this is. Why would you copy/paste the URL rather than open the Fennec intent directly from Gmail? Or why not use the Paste & Go feature instead of opening the AwesomeScreen? Do you need to edit the URL for some reason?

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4 years ago
  when we enter text starting with http:// in awesomebar its is not showing the links(its not searching for the suitable once).
Is this the problem or something else..
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