Crossconnect for phx1-na1a & phx1-na1b to core



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6 years ago
Please connect the new phx1 NetApp, phx1-na1a & phx1-na1b to the core phx1 switch, using a pair of 10Gb connections for each controller. Details:

(1) The top NetApp controller is phx1-na1a, the bottom is phx1-na1b. (They're labeled this way on the front, but not on the back)

(2) On each controller, use ports e0c and e0e

(3) Ports should be set up as LACP, with the following VLANs tagged: 32 84 83 82 81 50 75 74 100 80

(4) Hopefully the far end of each pair can be connected to separate switches for redundancy?
Regarding (4):

Currently, the core in PHX1 is not aggregated the way it is in SCL3. The PHX1 core has two physically separate switches.

We can not create an LACP bundle across these two switches, so you have two options:

1) Each netapp has a connection to each core, but they are not LACP bonded.
2) netapp-a has a bonded pair of connections to core1, and netapp-b has a bonded pair of connections to core2


6 years ago
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6 years ago
Whiteboard: scl3 → phx1

Comment 2

6 years ago
Let's go with #1
Per our IRC conversation, this means setting up the netapp interfaces in active/passive "single mode".
Crossconnect order is in progress (Ticket 27689) and should be completed by 6/27.

Comment 5

6 years ago
The NetApp side of the configuration is done... when you connect these, if you want an IP to test, you can ping and
Crossconnect install has been completed.

Comment 7

6 years ago
phx1-na1[a,b] have been run to core[1,2].phx:2/0/[2,4].

i have updated inventory in the notes section for these links. 

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